Life Proficiency


The Lifepro Curriculum Video’s & Workbooks @ R500,00 each, including all the Bonus Sessions.
(In other words: The Full Lifepro Package) .
Lifepro covers all 4 Life Dimensions

1. Love Proficiency:
• Restoring Self-Worth / Self-Esteem
• ‘Upgrading’ Functioning Style
• Neutralizing the negative Influences of Cultural Conditioning
• Enhancing the positive Influences to Change lives for Good

2. Financial Proficiency:
• It teaches how to:
• Budget
• Reduce Risk
• Build Assets

3. Work Proficiency:
It investigates How to:
• Create and
• Maintain and Expand an Empowering Workplace.

4. Art Proficiency:
• It uncovers HOW to Stay Inspired.

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